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Exquisite Japanese Courtesan and Elite Tokyo Escort

Eri Ono


“Don't give a woman advice; one should never give a woman anything she can't wear in the evening.” - Oscar Wilde


An intoxication of the senses


A warm hello to you all. My name is Eri Ono. I am a busty vivacious athletically built Japanese beauty. I am openly bisexual and enjoying the company of both men and women. I enjoy working out, fitness and traveling the world. I am a student studying business at the University of Rome. I am currently on a break and back in Tokyo until February 2019.


If you were to describe me in a word it would be - deluge. Because this is what will happen if you turn me on. The floodgates will open and you will be swept away in waves of sweet, sticky moist pleasure. I am highly orgasmic and extremely affectionate. I am open to most things and will happily customize our date to your needs. I also do part time work as a resort and image model so if you are looking for something exceptional please allow me to be of service better yet please allow me to service you:) I am happy to visit fine hotels and well kept abodes. I speak fluent English, conversational Italian and of course native Japanese.

I am waiting to bring you to your knees!




“Your pretty little genie in a bottle. Your wish is my command!”

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