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“I always behave just not necessarily well” - Eri Ono


Q-Why did you become a professional escort?

I matured physically rather quickly as a young girl but was painfully shy. I didn't have my first real sexual encounter until I was 18. This was partly due to having super strict parents. When I left home, I finally felt liberated and really had a great time on the dating scene .I wasn't promiscuous but definitely felt liberated. I realized that why not enjoy what I love doing the most and make a living. After meeting Misa I really became passionate about escorting. She is an amazing woman and takes things very seriously. I would say to an art form. She has been a great inspiration and I hope I can follow her legacy.


Q-What’s the best thing about you profession? 

- I could make a list as long as my arm but in a nutshell- the people. I know I am quite new on the scene but I have been very fortunate to meet few of Misa’s clients. They have treated me like a princess. I was very humbled by how kind and generous many of the men I have met have been. I hope that I will continue to meet such beautiful people.


Q-What are the Do’s and Don’ts

–Your code- my code is fairly simple, always be a gentleman, have excellent hygiene and treat me with respect and kindness. In turn I will guarantee you an incredible time . I always practice safe play and do not dabble in extreme taboos or fringe fetish. When in doubt just send me your request and I will respond honestly and promptly to your mail.


Q-Do you accept last minute bookings? 

–I do live in Tokyo, which makes getting to you easier. However I pride myself on presentation when you first set eyes on me I want your heart to skip a beat. I want you to have butterflies in your tummy with anticipation of what delights the evening will bring. I want your palms to be moist and the most important of all I want you to be ready to rock my world.


Q-Do you accept special requests or custom dates?  

-Yes of course! I am happy to oblige any fantasies or role-plays  you might want to explore. Please remember to keep it clean and fun!


Q-Do you accept currencies other than yen? 

-As a general rule I prefer yen. However I will accept Euro and or dollars if you notify me ahead of time so that I may provide an accurate quote. Please remember to confirm ahead of time.


Q-Do you provide companion services to couples and women?

-Absolutely, I am fully bi-sexual and enjoy being with men, women and couples alike. Please see my gifts page for couple rates.


Q-I am in need of translation and guide services? Do you provide these services?

-I am an excellent guide and have fairly good English conversation skills. I would consider my guide services beyond that of the humdrum professional. If you would like your Japan experience to be off the charts then please contact me with your needs.


Q-I would like to bring you a gift on our date, would that be acceptable?

-I love presents!  Clothes, shoes, lingerie perfume, chocolate and flowers. A gift is a wonderful gesture of kindness and thoughtfulness but it is not required yet always a fond memory.


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