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A Real Sweetheart


I wanted to write this review about Eri to let everyone know about my great experience with her.

We met in early October.  Setting up an appointment was very easy via email.  We decided to meet at Love Hotel in the Roppongi area. 


I got there a little early and feeling very nervous.  She arrived exactly on time, and I called out her name, to which she turned to me and I got a first glimpse of her sweet smile.  We checked  in to the hotel.  There was some talk about which language we should use since I also speak conversational Japanese. But Eri's English ability was so good, the rest of the night we spoke in my native English.  We sat on the couch for a little while to get acquainted.  And I confessed how nervous I was feeling.  She said don't worry, it's her job to make me relax. :)


Eri is about 5'3 tall and has a very toned and voluptuous body just like the pics on her website. But what really made me adore her is her face. She has a really cute face, with nice lips, and her eyes, when she smiles look so happy, it makes you also feel happy.


We then decided to take a shower together where we continued to talk an took turns washing each other's bodies.   I really enjoyed seeing and touching Eri's large natural breasts and perfect ass.  Then we went to the bed, she thoughtfully turned down the lights a little, and asked what kind of music I would like to hear, I picked Jazz.  How did she know I liked music in the background when making out?


I was still feeling very nervous, and was so tense my back and abdomen started to cramp up.   I told  Eri about it and she was nice enough to give me a back massage which melted away my tension and stomach cramps. We laid down and started caressing, then kissing, and more. It's not necessary for me to go into detail, but lets just say the physical part was everything I wanted it to be.  She was perfect and very natural.


However, what really impressed me was  Eri's demeanor that’s so natural and sweet.  I don't think she puts on a persona.  I believe she just shows your her real self.  And she does it with such sincerity and feeling that you don't feel as if you just met.  You feel like she is a girlfriend or lover that really wants to be with you.  I do think we were lucky because our chemistry seemd perfect, so that made it easier for us both to enjoy.   I just wanted to kiss Eri, hold her in my arms, look at her sweet face and smile, for as long as possible.  And that's mostly what we did and with such intimacy.


Time passed so quickly.  The two hours that I initially reserved with her was almost up.  I told Eri I wish I could spend more time with her.  And to my delight, she said she could stay longer with me.

So, we continued in our bliss of talking, caressing, kissing, and lovemaking.  I did not want it to end.


My time with Eri's was the best companion experience I ever had.  She is a wonderful at it and makes you feel like she is yours and you are her man.   In the end I kept thinking, was it an illusion?  Or did we make a real connection?  Anyway, I definitely want to see Eri again next time I'm in Tokyo.  I highly recommend her.  Treat her with kindness and sincerity and she with give you intimate bliss your won't forget.


~ Mr. A